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Everything we make has been imagined and designed with passion in our Welsh studio where all our beautiful knitwear and clothing is also made.   Every attention is paid to each item which is lovingly handmade with the wearer in mind.    From the moment an order comes through, one person is immediately assigned to it and becomes responsible for its production and packaging.  They know who the item has been bought by and in many cases where it is going because so many of our hats are destined as gifts.  They also know that despite being hand made it will be made and posted quickly.

Once design, style and size of a knitted item have been checked and confirmed and the yarn or fabric sourced, each knitter settles down to making the delicate little hat, blanket or wrap ensuring that no stitches are dropped and all loose ends neatened up.  Even the care labels are stitched in by hand.  Knowing that it is likely to be the first time it has been seen, we appreciate how important the gift wrapping is too.  The same person carefully scrunches up tissue stuffing, adding more tissue or straw to complete the process and then shuts the lid, hoping that when the box is finally opened it will have the desired impact.  Once finished, the order details are checked and double checked and it’s ready to go.  

Our appliquéd tops and aprons receive the same attention.  Our distinctive dotty vintage-inspired fabrics are cut by hand to produce our colourful aprons and sewn into shape in our studio with the cotton twill ties stitched securely in place.

Some will have motifs added, others lettering and this process takes time and diligence as we are careful to avoid misspelt names or quotes.  As well as our own extensive range of motifs, the creative team love being given an idea and tasked to transform and realise it in embroidered form.   When designing our appliquéd motifs, our team first use their artistic skills to draw each one by hand on paper, such as the cow you can see here.  Technology takes over for a while and the image is uploaded ready for someone to painstakingly tweak and improve its look. Once satisfied with the result, the design is digitally converted so that the embroidery itself can be done. Finally, each appliquéd motif is hand-stitched onto the garment and pressed before being packaged up ready for posting.

There is a genuine sense of pride in knowing that all our effort is going to be appreciated both by the giver and recipient when it is opened.  

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At work in the studio

Quick delivery makes our hats great gifts - presentation box ready to post bespoke and customised orders for our handmade aprons available