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CobWebKnits has grown out of a passion for knitting.  We’re a small company, started by one person at home and although we have evolved we continue to take great pride in designing something beautiful that will be cherished and in making something well and of such quality that it might be treasured for years to come.  

My name is Su Cowell and I am the creative director at CobWebKnits.  “Wool.  Colour.  Textiles.  Designing.  Knitting.  Creating.  I love them all.  But I have always especially loved making things to give, having put a lot of love, time and attention into every  aspect of its creation …. the colours, the design and each stitch.  I am lucky that I now spend my day working on things I love doing and hope this passion finds itself into the products I make.  To hear from customers telling me how much they love what we do makes all the hard work and obsessing over every small detail worth all the effort.”

Our Welsh studio is based in Carmarthenshire near the border with Pembrokeshire where the indigenous culture is part and parcel of everyday life.  The landscape here has sparked legends of Merlin, King Arthur and his knights, the healing maidens from deep mountain lakes, tricksters, dragons, horse queens and saintly miracles. And unsurprisingly, a passion for this place has inspired countless artists and painters, hymn writers, poets and musicians.  We too have been inspired by the surrounding countryside of the county known as the Garden of Wales and our designs are heavily influenced by nature.  We are lucky to live in the midst of the folklore and scenery that provide inspiration when we walk in stunning surroundings including Laugharne and the many castles found nearby.

Both my husband and business partner, Shaun, and I are incredibly proud of the business and the products we have created.  The journey has been an exciting and challenging one.  It was a conscious decision to allow the company to evolve naturally and at its own pace so that everything we set out to do was achievable and we would never disappoint.  We realised that a lot of hard work as well as talent and a bit of luck have each played their part and the combination of all three have seen us reach the point we are at today.  Our talent lies in having a feel for what the customer wants, trying to anticipate what they might want in the future and striving to help them out in any way we can.  We love the fact that, here at CobWebKnits, we always put our customers first.  There’s no request we won’t try to help out with.  And we are always honest with people too.  We keep our word and will sometimes even do things for people without expecting anything in return.

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